Room 5608 is MacLeod's debut poetry book, set to be released June 11th. A remedy for the soul. An anthem for survivors of mental illness, addictions, heartbreak, and grief. Divided into three chapters DEPARTURE, ARRIVAL and SHADOWS, you will find the pages enriched with soulful themes of melancholy, nostalgia, and recovery. MacLeod exposes the light she found within the depths of her scars in this collection of prose and poetry - healing herself, while bringing the reader on a journey of healing too. ​

Haley MacLeod is a Canadian writer. Born and raised in Calgary, she has spent a decade of her life with a pen in her hand. At a young age MacLeod knew her purpose was to heal souls through her gift of writing - colouring the world around her through the shades of writing and poetry. Art has always been a liberating outlet for MacLeod, having come from a background of dance, acting, singing, and songwriting. She has spent the past couple years building a name for herself mainly in the poetry community; from teaching poetry to students, to having her words tattooed on the skin of her fans, to even celebrities like Jessie J, reposting her work online. She is known for her resilient spirit and ability to bring solace to those around her throughout their darkest times.